You are getting married! The marriage proposal was fantastic and now the planning of the perfect wedding starts. It is your perfect wedding and you probably already have a lot of ideas about the upcoming event. Where do you start? How do these fun ideas become a constructive plan? A wedding plannerĀ can help you with that…

We are Sara and Nathalie, the wedding planners that you have been looking for. Planning weddings makes us happy! Are you worried about high costs and do you want to arrange everything as nicely and perfectly as possible? We are there for you! A wedding planner can unburden you so that your wedding becomes easy, unique and affordable.

We offer you:
– A unique and carefree wedding with creative details.
– Choose from a “customized wedding” or a “pop-up wedding“.
– A wedding within your budget.
– Getting married at unique locations.
– Assured of the latest trends in the field of marriage.
– A professional wedding planner, subtle and always present on the sidelines.

With us as wedding planner you will be unburdened and enjoy your dream wedding stress free. Contact us now and start planning your wedding!


The wedding planners arrange it for you