Custom Wedding

Introductory meeting

We start with a meeting to get to know you and are curious about your ideas or wishes. We go through the options and discuss what your budget is. If it fits, we will start creating a proposal.


We combine your wishes with our creativity. We find out what is possible and ultimately create a proposal within your budget. During the second meeting we discuss the proposal and then plan your dream wedding. Your wedding is personal, unique and completely tailor-made for you.


We are now getting started to plan your wedding. We establish contact with suppliers and create a setting. We monitor your budget and always strive to achieve the lowest prices with suppliers. There is a lot involved in planning a wedding. You not only need a ceremony, flowers, a toast, the cake, the wedding vows, a wedding official and a location. Often there is also a party with music and a fantastic dinner to arrange. That is precisely what we take care of. Everything is arranged, dressed and styled to your wishes. You can enjoy your engagement and look forward to a fantastic day.

The wedding

The big day has arrived, you only have to show up! Everything has been arranged and during this day we are present as the master of ceremonies to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If something happens, we will resolve it immediately. We are also the point of contact for suppliers, location, guests, musicians etc.


Afterwards we like to evaluate together. We are curious about your experience of the wedding.

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