Custom Wedding

Your wedding will be a day to remember. It is a special day in your life that you will experience once. We understand better than anyone that this day must be perfect and carefree. Ideally you only have time to enjoy each other and your guests. We plan your wedding individually and completely to your wishes.

Personal wedding plan

There are so many options when it comes to weddings. For example, do you want a ceremony with a party? Do you also want a dinner or a reception? Has your wedding ended after the party? Or do you also want a brunch the next day to enjoy with your friends and family. We can plan your wedding from A to Z or only Z if you wish. We process your ideas in a personal wedding plan. We do this by listening carefully to you, then thinking out of the box and mixing your wishes with a lot of creativity. All of this within your budget. If you agree with our proposal we will realize your wedding. This is how we plan the perfect wedding for you.

Carefree marriage

In addition to the planning, we will take care of the styling, we are the point of contact for all suppliers and during your wedding we are the master of ceremonies and we ensure that your wedding runs smoothly.
We call that a carefree marriage. Do you also want a customized wedding? Discover our method or contact us immediately!

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