5 tips for planning your wedding

By November 26, 2019The wedding plan

5 tips for planning your wedding

You may have seen it on social media; last week we gave 5 tips that are useful when planning a wedding. In this blog we list all the tips again.

Tip 1 Enjoy your engagement time!
In this special time it is important not to lose sight of each other or suddenly start to stress. Choose a beautiful wedding date in the future and take the time to plan your wedding. This way you can divide everything and you can make it clear for yourself.

Tip 2 Visit a wedding fair
Before you start planning your wedding, it is nice if you know what is possible. Take a good look at wedding fairs. There is much to see and experience. Discover the latest wedding trends and the various options. Which style suits you? Do you choose a band or DJ? Do you want a walking dinner or a classic dinner? How do you organize the day? What thanks do you give the guests? You can discover all this and much more at a wedding fair.

Tip 3 Determine your budget
What do you want to spend on your wedding? If you set a budget, you will not be faced with surprises or disappointments. The possibilities for a wedding are endless, so it is nice to work from a budget. You will still have to make choices and now you can fit these choices within your budget.

Tip 4 Choose 3 things
We will start making choices. What does your dream wedding look like? First write down all your wishes and then choose three things that are most important to you. You will not save on these three things. This is the starting point to work from.

Tip 5 Get help
Your wedding! Or maybe you have a fantastic holiday with your loved one and you are now only fantasizing about the marriage proposal.

We are ready to take you from the start of your journey. Are you curious about how to plan an original marriage proposal? Or are you curious how to start planning your wedding? Then you have come to the right place! We give you a glimpse into the bridal world and help you from the beginning to the end. Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram to check out our new blog every month. Do you have nice ideas, tips or questions yourself? Then leave a comment. We are interested in your stories and input!


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